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  • How can I add more devices to my existing GlobPey account?
    GlobPey supports a host of compatible accessories, for assistance with adding accessories or devices to your account, contact your business consultant. Can’t find their contact number? Please email
  • I need help with my existing GlobPey Account.
    The fastest way to get help is to log in to GlobPey Dashboard to access information that's personalized for the GlobPey account you have. We've upgraded Help to include relevant articles based on your system, including your device(s) and the features you use. Our business consultants are available to assist you when you're unable to resolve issues on your own.
  • How are settlements processed on Globpey?
    Settlements on Globpey are processed automatically based on the agreed-upon schedule. Funds are transferred to the designated account securely and efficiently. For specific details on settlement processes, please refer to the platform's documentation or contact support for assistance.
  • How do I sign up with GlobPey?
    To get started with GlobPey, the best way forward is to reach out to our email at We will get back to you and understand your business needs and suggest the best way forward to get you onboard.
  • How fast can I get paid?
    The speed of deposits varies based on the bank where your business checking account is held. Deposits typically take 1-3 days, but many businesses will see their funds deposited the next business day.
  • I saw GlobPey for a different price. Can you match it?
    Each one of our GlobPey partners strives to provide merchants with the best plans and pricing for their individual business needs. While GlobPey POS devices may be purchased from other entities, they cannot be used with other payment processors.
  • Can I use GlobPey with my existing merchant services account?
    One of our qualified business consultants can access your options and determine the best solution. Please email for assistance.
  • What are the fees associated with using Globpey?
    The fees for using Globpey vary depending on the services and transactions. You can find detailed information about the fees on the website or contact customer support for assistance.

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